Thursday, 26 February 2015

Proactive Developers – Educating Buyers

Most of the projects coming up these days provide the residents a lot of facilities and amenities that the buyer are not probably used to living with, especially when it’s the case of slum rehabilitation projects.

The developers spend a lot of money on developing these amenities. Once the apartments are sold and handed over to residents, one finds that the residents make changes to their individual flats like making some structural modifications internally; fixing safety grills of different colour, size and design etc. Residents are also ignorant about the usage of general and emergency services like lifts, fire-fighting equipment’s, emergency PA system, Generator back-up etc. Hence they do not pay attention or maintain these services well which decreases the life of the equipment’s and at large the project / Building.

The biggest damage actually happens to is the developer/builder as it affects his brand value. Whoever looks at the building 4-5 years down the line just comments on the builder; if building looks good he is appreciated and if not he is blamed of using sub-standard material. Bad looking buildings ruin the chances of a developer for getting future projects.

This problem has now led the developer to take the initiative to educate the buyer about the various aspects of living in a modern set up. Once the deal is done, the developer organizes a demonstration with the help of various agencies to train and guide the residents on the proper maintenance and judicious use of the various facilities provided like lift, video door phone, swimming pool etc. 

Training is provided on the proper disposal of garbage, rain water collection, use of fire hydrants in case of electrical fire, maintenance of common areas etc. Demonstration and information is imparted about the use of personal and general equipment’s such as video door phone, gym equipment, swimming pool maintenance, club house, intercom and high end security systems etc.

The developer does this exercise at his own expense as it helps him to enhance his brand value.
The residents are also advised on maintaining the appearance of the building by avoiding the hanging of clothes for drying in the balconies or keeping flower pots on the window sills, using their balcony or window grills as storage place etc.

The structural changes by breaking or modifying walls are completely discouraged. This destroys the beauty of the building and also leads to problems of seepage which in turn makes the structure weak. In some cases the developer also gives information on the formation and running of society. This helps the residents in properly maintaining the society for a longer time which in turn creates a good reputation for the developer.

Both the residents and the developer get to reap the benefit of this exercise 

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